Great coverage in Canada and low International
calling rates.

Where can a Fongo customer
call for free?

Free Calling Cities

Click here for a complete list of our Free Calling Cities.

Our customers have friends and family across the entire country, and we think they should all be able to talk for free. Incoming calls are always free on Fongo. For outgoing calls, the Fongo free-calling area stretches across the country and covers 85% of the population. Call for free to the 30 largest metropolitan areas in the country and all 10 provinces.

If you’re on WiFi, use Fongo to call anywhere in our Canadian free-calling area from ANYWHERE in the world for free! Call from your resort in Mexico back to your family in Montreal for free! As well, any two Fongo customers can call each other for free, anywhere in the world.


It’s important to remember that Fongo gets rid of the cost of calling, but if you’re not on WiFi you’ll still need a 3G/4G data plan and you may pay roaming costs internationally.

What are Fongo’s long
distance rates?

Click here for rates outside of our Free Calling Cities.

Saving money on your phone bill shouldn’t be difficult, so we’ve made it easy. Call for as little as 2 cents a minute to the US, China, the UK and many other locations.

All calls to locations outside of our Free Calling Cities have a 4 cent connection fee. Choose your platform to get started.