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Member Extensions

With Fongo Works, you can create multiple members/extensions for various departments or employees within your business.

You will input a name, forwarding phone number and email address for each member/extension in your system. Each member you add will get a 3 digit extension number auto-assigned to them.

Up to 6 Extensions

Included with Free Signup

You are limited to 6 member/extensions when using the Free version of Fongo Works. You cannot edit the auto-assigned extension numbers.

Up to 15 Extensions

Included with Pro Upgrade

Upgrade to Fongo Works Pro to add up to 15 members/extensions. You also unlock the ability to customize the 3-digit extension number for each member (available upon request).

Need more than 15 extensions?
Contact our support team after you have maxed out your 15 members/extensions.

Members vs. Extensions

What’s the difference?

Members & Extensions

When you sign into your Fongo Works online dashboard, you are shown all of your members. Each member has their own 3-digit extension number.

When a caller calls your business and is listening to your automated receptionist greeting, they can reach each member by dialing “#”, then the 3-digit extension number.

Example: #101 would reach the member who has extension 101.

Member Management

Adding Members

  • Click on the Members tab
  • Click “Add New Members”
  • Enter the name, cell phone number and email address of the new member

Note: The cell phone number is used for call-forwarding purposes. If you don’t plan on using the call-forwarding feature, you can just add a place holder phone number. Ex. 222-222-2222. Voicemails will be sent to the email address provided.

Upgrade to Fongo Works Pro to customize extension numbers.

Options Available To Each Member

Send Email: This will send a welcome email to the member/extension including instructions on how to use and access different features.

Authorize App: This will send an authentication SMS and Email to the member to allow access to the Fongo Works Mobile App.

Configure Call Handling: Call handling is a setting that adjusts what happens when calls come to your extension. This can be unique for each member/extension.

Add Desk Phone: If you don’t have a Pro Device assigned to your member, this will just be a link to purchase Pro Devices from the shop.
If you have a Pro Device assigned to this member, the button will become “remove desk phone” so you can unassign it from its current member, then assign it to a different member.


Devices are assigned to members/extensions, not phone numbers. Phone numbers are just a way for callers to reach your business, then the caller will choose which member they want to reach.

When you assign a device to a member, the device will ring as soon as a caller dials that member’s extension or chooses the caller option that member is assigned to.

Upgrade to Fongo Works Pro to bypass the receptionist greeting.

How to Configure Member Settings & Call Handling

How To

Go Pro


Login to your Fongo Works dashboard at


Click the shop icon at the top of your dashboard.


Add items to your cart, then checkout when you’re ready to order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Android users may need to view the email for their login password, as the login link in the text message might be unclickable for some Android devices. App link login details are always sent to both the email address and phone number listed for the member.

Customizing the amount of rings for each member is available to Fongo Works Pro users.
Learn more here.

Yes, when upgraded to Pro, member’s 3-digit extension numbers can be edited.
Learn more here.