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Phone Number

Your Fongo Works account can have as many phone numbers as you want. Each phone number, when called, will all route to the same receptionist greeting, then the caller will choose which extension to be routed to. (The receptionist cannot be bypassed)

New Local Phone Number FREE

We will give you a new phone number free of charge. During sign up you will get to choose which city (area code) your number is local to. You can cycle through several numbers until you find one you like.

Transfer Your Existing Number Add-on

You can transfer your existing local or toll-free number into Fongo Works after sign up is complete. (enter the Fongo Works shop from your dashboard)

Transfer Existing Number To Fongo

New Toll-Free or Vanity Number Add-on

You can order a toll-free number and/or a custom vanity phone number after your sign up is complete. (enter the Fongo Works shop from your dashboard)

*Finding a vanity number with more than 5 customized digits is unlikely.

Fongo Billboard with A Vanity Number


Up to 6 Extensions FREE

You will input a name, forwarding phone number and email address for each member (extension) in your system. Each member you add will get a 3 digit extension number assigned to them.

Up to 15 Extensions PRO

Upgrade to Fongo Works Pro Features for up to 15 member extensions and the ability to customize the 3-digit extension number for each member. (Available Upon Request (No Additional Fee)

How to Configure Member Settings and Call Handling

Caller Options

Standard Call Routing FREE

You will set caller options 0-9

Example: You set “Jim Smith” as caller option 1, when a caller calls your business number then presses 1, the call will go to Jim’s extension.

Your automated receptionist greeting should reflect your caller options Example: “press 1 to speak with Jim”.

Hunt Groups PRO

Hunt groups are when you have multiple extensions ring at the same time or one after another for a single caller option

Example: Caller presses 3 for the sales department and ext 100, ext 102 and ext 105 all start ringing

More info on Hunt Groups and how to set them up:

Learn More
Fongo Works Caller Options with Hunt Groups


When someone calls ANY of your business’ phone numbers, the call will be answered by your Fongo Works automated receptionist greeting.

Computer Generated Voice FREE

With the Free version of Fongo Works and with Fongo Works Pro, you can create your receptionist greeting by using one of our automated voices. We give you a default script that you can edit so your automated voice will say whatever you type.

Upload Custom Audio File PRO

Users with Pro Features will be able to send audio files to our support team to be uploaded as their automated receptionist greeting.

Submit Audio File(s)

Receptionist Scheduling PRO

Users with Pro Features will be able to send 2 unique audio files (2 unique receptionist greetings) to our support team with a daily schedule for when each greeting should play.

  • Maximum of 2 different receptionist greetings (typically business hours & off-hours)
  • Each day of the week can have it’s own unique schedule
  • Caller options must stay the same regardless of schedule
    • Example setup: Caller options 1-6 are set, but the receptionist greeting for business hours only mentions caller options 1-4, then the off-hours greeting only mentions options 5 and 6
  • Please submit your schedule in a similar format to what is below (with both receptionist-greeting-audio-files attached):
    • Monday
      • Greeting A – 9am – 5pm
      • Greeting B – 5pm – 8:30am
    • Tuesday
      • Greeting A – 8:30am – 6:45pm
      • Greeting B – 6:45pm – 10am   (and so on….)
Submit Receptionist Schedule
Audio Recording

How to Setup Your Caller Options and Receptionist

Call Handling

You can alter the call handling settings to be unique for each member, meaning when a caller chooses or dials a member’s extension, you can set how that member receives the call.

Example: Call rings on the member’s mobile app, then forwards to cell phone number if not picked up on the mobile app.

See what each call handling setting means in the article below:

Learn More
Fongo Works Account Setup

To your desk phone

Incoming Call on Fongo Works

To your Fongo Works App

Man holding phone with an incoming call

To your cell phone number

A call can go to all of these options or just one of these options.


Receiving Voicemails FREE

Each member will have their own personal voicemail inbox. If you are signed into the mobile app, your voicemails can be checked there. If you are not signed into the mobile app, your voicemails will be emailed to your email inbox as audio files.

IP devices can dial *98 to check voicemail inbox.

Voicemail Greetings FREE

You can use our default, automated voicemail greeting by setting your receptionist voice to one of our automated voices, then scroll down to the “Voicemail Greetings” area and click “Create Greeting”. This will automatically generate a default greeting for your member.

You can record your greeting yourself by dialing *98 on your Fongo Works mobile app, your IP desk phone, or your desktop app.

Voicemail Greetings PRO

Send us your custom voicemail greetings for any of your members and we will upload the greeting for you:

Submit Audio File(s)

Conference Calls

Callers call your Fongo Works number and enter the Conference Pin (provided in your Fongo Works Dashboard). Entering the pin will allow callers to join a conference call. Click here to learn more, or watch the video below.


Up to 1 Hour Call with 10 Participants


Up to 4 Hour Call with 30 Participants


Fax-To-Email FREE

In the receptionist tab of your dashboard, you can set which one of your members you want incoming faxes directed to. Faxes sent to your business phone number(s) will automatically be directed to this member’s extension as a phone call, which needs to be unanswered to reach the member’s email.

Receiving Faxes

The Fax machine calls into your Fongo Works System, which then forwards the fax to your chosen email.

2-Way Faxing PRO

You must set up a VOIP adapter for the member that you have set to receive incoming faxes. This adapter will need to be plugged into an ethernet connection, then your fax machine will plug into the phone port of the adapter. With this setup, you can send and receive faxes from your fax machine as if you had a regular fax line.

Find our Grandstream HT-801 adapter for sale in the shop.

Note: Pro includes the “receiving faxes” feature described for the free version

Note: You will need to set your fax machine’s baud rate to 9600bps or lower

Sending Faxes

Fax Machine connected to ATA, which is connected to Ethernet port

Tip: Create a “Fax Extension” member on your system.

  1. Create a new member and name it “Fax Extension” for our system to auto-detect it as a fax extension. Input the email that you want faxes to be sent to. 
  2. You can input a fictional cell phone number for this member such as 111-222-3333
  3. Set this member’s call handling as “Go to Voicemail”
  4. Set “Direct Incoming Faxes” to this new member (in the receptionist tab of your dashboard)
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